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"Perhaps the most moving chords that can be struck from the human heart are contained in these four words: I remember, I forget.... Not only the remembering of individuals, but of races and cultures. Perfect balance between this pair of opposites is the mark of maturity."


Alan McGlashan “The Savage and Beautiful Country” Daimon Edition 1988.



Sarah ClevelyI have been working as a Psychotherapist for the past 25 years in Devon and South Wales.


I am a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA), a registered member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP ), a Somatic Experiencing® (S.E.) Practitioner from The Institute of the Foundation for Human Enrichment USA, and I am Registered with SEA UK.


I am a Mindfulness Teacher holding a Diploma in Mindfulness Approaches from Bangor University, and am an Approved Supervisor for students on the Exeter University Psychology Department's Mindfulness programme.




My background was originally in art, art therapy and teaching. I studied Fine Art at Brighton (NDD) and after completing a Teachers Training certificate in Manchester I ran an Art Therapy Department in a Psychiatric Hospital.


I travelled extensively in Europe, and the Middle East where I lived for several years when my children were young.


Later I worked for many years with Age Exchange running arts-based Reminiscence groups for staff and elderly people in Hospitals and Nursing Homes. Reminiscence is a way of using Drama, Painting and Writing as a method of Life Review. I am still involved with this fascinating work, and enjoy being involved in projects organised by Pam Schweitzer Director of the European Reminiscence Network.


My interest in mindfulness and Yoga began in the seventies. This interest has expanded and developed through many years of working with a variety of international teachers and supervisors, and through attending silent Retreats. Seeking to integrate Meditation skills in my Clinical practice, I joined the masters programme in Mindfulness Approaches at Bangor University.


When I was introduced to the work of Dr Peter Levine, I knew immediately that I had to attended the first UK training in Somatic Experience, put on in the UK by SOS International in 2006. For me it represented a missing link of releasing trauma trapped in the body which is largely inaccessible to the thinking mind.


I am working on the current S.E. Training programme as a sessional assistant.